Marketing Your Estate Planning Firm In The Digital Age

These days, everything is on the internet. According to its latest survey, Google alone gets 70,000 searches per second, and with 90% of the search engine market share, it’s easy to infer that most, if not all, get their information and answers off the web.

Suffice it to say, an online presence for any business, regardless of size and industry, is crucial to business continuity and success. This might be a new phenomenon, particularly in the legal field, but the landscape is changing rapidly.

The 2018 ABA Survey reveals that 77% of law firms have websites. At the very least, for a law firm to stay relevant during these times, it should have a working website. There are so many other aspects to consider if you are marketing your estate planning or legal service, but being present online can play a large part in your company’s success.

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