Brian and his office staff were great. They made a complicated process seem uncomplicated. Appointments and communication were easy, everything was explained well, and they gave us clear instructions for the follow up needed on our end. We would definitely recommend Brian for your estate planning needs.

- Sue F. Ladera

My mother had a trust and passed away a few months ago so as co-trustee I was in the midst of everything - and things are still going on. It took that event to get me to take action for my own trust and.... I can't believe how easy this was! Got questionnaire, filled it out, went to 1 meeting. A couple weeks later I went to a second meeting and filled in the missing pieces and walked away with my trust binder! They were great!

- Ann B.

A friend referred me to Brian.  After I saw all his wonderful Yelp reviews, I decided that I'd call him for an appointment to get my Living Trust started.

Meeting with Brian, I found him to be articulate, concise, professional, and very knowledgeable.  He quoted me a very fair and reasonable price for creating my Trust, and when the work was done there was no question in my mind that he had done outstanding work on my behalf.

Thank you Brian, for a job very well done!

- Amanda K.

Estate planning is definitely one of those things that people normally do not want to think about or spend time on. After purchasing a new home and thinking about how we want to have our assets together and avoid probate, etc., we decided that it would be best to look into getting a living trust. 

We were definitely scared that the process would take a lot of time and require a lot of effort. However, working with Brian and his team made the process extremely easy.  He and his partner were extremely helpful in creating our living trust and will as part of our estate planning process.

It was relatively easy to set up an initial consultation with Brian. We were sent some pre-work to help identify what assets we had, who we want our beneficiaries/executors would be, etc. Also were asked to bring a copy of our grant deed so that way they could help create the documents to move our home into the trust. The initial consultation was great. All my questions were answered and it was a very thorough discussion on what we would like to have within our living trust and will. About a week later (because of the Thanksgiving holiday) we met with Brian to go through the prepared documents and sign the documents. The whole process couldn't have been more easy. They had everything ready for us and all the documentation needed to transfer our home into the trust was packaged nicely that it literally took me two minutes to get it done at the county recorder's office.

Our living trust and will was nicely packaged and placed into a binder for our reference and all the documents were scanned and sent to us so that way we could have electronic copies. It was beyond easy.

I definitely would recommend using OC Wills and Trusts for any of your estate planning needs. Brian and team were so fantastic.

- Nathan C. via Yelp

This is the third time I've had my trust revised but the first time working with Brian Chew, Esq. I am so glad I did because he was aware of issues that my previous attorney never raised. As others have said, Brian is very patient and thorough. He is also professional and does not waste my time. All the documents he prepared for me were ready to go. I'm more confident now  about my trust than before. I'm glad I found Brian Chew and highly recommend him. He is also knowledgeable about special needs issues and has volunteered his time speaking at various agencies such as NAMI. Brian also sends out email reminders of what tasks needs to be done following the creation or update to a trust. As Brian says, estate planning is an ongoing process, not just a transaction, so he reminds you of the steps to ensure you properly fund the trust and consideration should be given to real estate deeds, bank accounts, life Insurance, annuities, investments, savings, money-markets, CD's, 401(k), IRA, deferred Compensation, thrift Savings Plans.

- Kathie A. via Yelp

I finally got around to making the "estate planning" phone call after many decades of procrastination.  I found Brian via Google and Yelp reviews, and he was very responsive to all my questions about estate planning.  Once my wife and I met with Brian, the process was painless because of his simple but thorough instructions.  Everything was done in about a week, and the items and actions we needed to do afterwards were clearly laid out for us.  We will gladly recommend Brian to our family and friends.

- Mike H. via Yelp

Estate Planning is one of those things in life that we don't necessarily look forward to completing and many, including myself put it off until later in life when we have families and assets.  If you want to help your loved ones to avoid extra costs and avoid probate court, it is something definitely worth considering.

Brian and his team make this experience much easier with his warm and helpful personality.  Brian has been practicing Estate Planning for years and his expertise and knowledge in this area is very reassuring.  He is thorough and can quickly analyze your portfolio and guide you through the process.  Brian is excellent at asking the right questions and providing his insight to assist you with some of the important financial and medical decisions in your will and trust. Brian's team is friendly, efficient and are excellent in communicating their progress.

Brian's Estate Planning prices are fair considering his expertise and piece of mind that his practice provides.  You might find someone for just a little less money, but be sure to give Brian a call before you make a final decision on something important as your Estate Planning.  

- Frank F. via Yelp

By the way...some months ago I was moving ahead with the transfer of my mother's house and other property into the trust you created for us in connection with the VA healthcare assistance program. 

The lawyers I was working with to transfer the deeds both complemented the content and structure of the trust you and your associates had created. 

- Brian S.

Brian Chew set up the Trust for my aging parents, which included their home. When it came time to sell the house (by that time one parent had passed and the other suffered from dementia) the escrow officer was very impressed with the Trust. We were able to close escrow in 45 days with no snags or unfinished business and she said this is very unusual when trusts are involved. Brian's work was a blessing. Thank you!

- Leslee Holt via Google+

Mr Chew was very professional and answered so many questions we had in setting up our Trust and all the other legal paperwork we needed. He had excellent thoughts and was very timely. I would recommend him to everyone.

- Steve, Trust Client

Good explanations. Made the process painless.

- Jason, Estate Planning Client

I met Brian Chew about 3 years ago & last year had him redo my living trust. Not only did Brian do a thorough and complete job for me but, also, he made some recommendations that I would surely not have thought of within the process. Brian is genuinely friendly, easy to speak with and highly client-centered. I feel I can phone Brian on any issue without fear of having the 'meter running' while we speak. In fact, I can't imagine any attorney with Brian Chew's experience and education charging any less. I have recommended Brian to several of my family & friends.

- Robert, Wills Client

I would highly recommend Brian Chew as a legal professional and person. Integrity, Trust, Customer Service are just a few words that describes Brian. I will continue to seek out Brian's legal expertise for both my business and personal needs.

- Kelly, Trust Client

Will retain again!

My father was in late stage cancer, and we discovered that there were problems with the DIY "stationery store" trust that he had created (for his $1.5M estate! ). After explaining the time urgency, Brian was able to fit me in that afternoon, and prepared a new set of trust documents, power of attorney, and pourover will, while I waited. 

While his staff was preparing the documents, Brian spoke with me about my mother, who is suffering cognitive decline. I found him to be extremely knowledgeable in elder law, and I will be retaining his services again soon, to help with my mother's matters. 

I would highly recommend Brian for anyone dealing with aging parents. He provided very useful advice beyond the the typical living trust and power of attorney matters.

- Jeff, Trust Client

Family Trust / Tactical & Strategic Assistance

Brian Chew lead the process and presented to my wife and I, the details and strategy of the Family Living Trust & Will....for Our Specific Needs & Requirements. One of his many talents is "his attention to details" and delivering completed documents in a timely manner.

- Mr & Mrs Daniel J. Skahill, Trust Clients

Highly recommended, very happy with my estate planning documents

My wife and I attended one of Brian's estate planning seminars and found it to be very educational on the basics of estate planning. We liked the fact that as a sole practitioner he would be meeting with us every step of the way. At our initial meeting, he made sure that my wife were educated on the various documents we would need and what the total costs would be for those documents. 

During our consultation, my wife and I liked the fact that Brian took the time to explain our options and what the pros and cons of each option were. We then made an appointment a week later to review the documents and then he notarized them for us. The process was made very simple and easy by Brian and we would highly recommend him to any of our friends or family.

- Estate Planning Client via AVVO

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